Class Exercise 1

Today in class, we practiced shooting out of doors and worked on different kinds of shots and angles such as: mid-angle shots, low-angle shots, tracking shots, pan shots, aerial shots and close-ups. Spending a couple of hours shooting, and getting comfortable with the equipment proved to be a highly beneficial exercise and made me more confident about pursuing the making of my own short film.

We shot our junior grades in school practicing football, focusing on the different ways in which we could capture and present the game they were playing. We tried a variety of different kind of shots and really got creative in our thinking. I shot today entirely without a tripod, focusing my attention entirely on the skill of hand-held shooting as I felt this style of shooting would best suit the fluid, natural visual effect I was going for. I worked on improving my stability and achieving a clearly focused, well framed picture.

After shooting, I quickly edited together my footage using Final Cut Pro X to create a small 1 1/12 minute music video to the song “Wavin’ Flag” by K’Naan. This editing exercise was great practice and a useful stepping stone to my final project.

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-12-28-09-pmHere is the video –



Today I worked on developing the characters and theme of my short film. I brainstormed on a large sheet of construction paper in order to help flesh out my ideas and think about the finer details such as character names, backstories, personalities, etc.

I also started coming up with ideas for the title of my film and thinking about the overall look and feel that I was going for. This was very helpful process because it really helped my decide what direction I wanted to to take and brought me one step closer to actually writing out my script.