Character Sketches

Protagonist – Anamika 

She is a 16 year old, Indian girl suffering from multiple personality disorder. The disorder stems from an instance of sexual assault in her childhood, with her father being the abuser. Recently, her condition has worsened and Anamika struggles to live a normal life. Compared to the other identities living in her head, she has a repressed and recessive personality herself. She is subdued and quiet most of the time in her core character.

Identity #1 – Ashvita 

Ashvita is the alternate identity who is a young girl about 10/11 years old, and exhibits extremely child-like qualities. She not fully mentally developed, even personality wise, and could be viewed as Anamika, herself, at the age she was assaulted. It could be said that this personality represents the point in Anamika’s life where she got stuck and the age she was mentally unable to move on from. This personality can often be seen singing nursery rhymes or colouring and is largely very innocent.

Identity #2 – Ashwin

Ashwin is the alternate identity who is a slightly older boy, between the ages of 19-22. He is characterized by a lot of physical aggression and violence. He embodies Anamika’s anger. This personality is very dominant and has a lot of control over Anamika’s thoughts and actions, causing her to pose a serious threat to her own safety as well as the safety of  others.

Identity #3 – Arya 

Arya is the alternate identity who is a teenage girl the same age as Anamika herself. Arya is quite twisted. She has no concern for safety or consequences and has a skewed perception of reality. This personality is also a threat to Anamika’s personal safety because she is very persuasive and strong and has the power to coax Anamika into doing almost anything.

Anamika’s Mother

She is a loving, well-meaning woman who is very worried about her daughter and only wants the best for her. She now lives alone with Anamika and is under a lot of stress in trying to keep everything together by herself. She comes off as strong, independent and nurturing.

Therapist – Mrs. Aarti Chopra

She is a therapist and behavioral psychologist who has just come on board to help Anamika beat the disorder. She is patient, gentle and kind – just the kind of person perfectly suited for this line of work.


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