Planning – Script

Before writing the actual script I decided to first plan out the different events and scenes. On the whole, my film is going is to be divided into two parallel running narratives that come together in the end, so I decided to divide my script into two parts and follow a two-fold writing process.

First, I wrote down all the events happening in Anamika’s room and all the action between her and the three alternate identities. I wrote down this sequence in order up until the moment when Anamika’s mother opens the door to the room. Then, I switched to the living room scene where the conversation between Anamika’s mother and the therapist takes place and wrote out that line of the story. Having done this, I broke up each storyline into smaller chunks and wove them together so that the film would cut back forth between the two locations and scenes. I decided what order the scenes should be in and numbered them accordingly, making it much easier for me to  write my final script.

In the very end, I brought the two scenes together and concluded the film.





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