Close-Ups & Angles

Today in class, I shot some close-up footage of a classmate’s hands as an exercise in filming and editing. I practiced shooting different kinds of shots from various angles – low angle, high angle, overhead, over-the-shoulder, and ground-level. I also worked on adeptly transitioning the focus from one point to another and getting a smooth rack-shift focus as well. I decided to choose “hands” as my subject because hands can be quite interesting and can be shot in many different ways as they are fluid and elegant. Therefore, I had my classmate do various things with her hands and I shot it using a Canon 5D camera and a 24 – 105 mm lens.

Then, I put together some of the footage to create a short, 45 second video set to some instrumental piano music. I edited the video using Final Cut Pro X. Repeatedly working on such exercises and practicing is certainly paying off, as I feel quicker and more confident with each project.

Here is the video –


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