I have completed my digital storyboard for my short film, “Split”. After taking all the photographs using my Canon 5D camera and a 24-105 mm lens, I used the app “Picsart” to transform the photographs into black and white sketches. I felt like this would enhance the artistic quality of my storyboard and give it an authentic look as storyboards typically are sketches/drawings. Once the photographs were all edited, I then used Keynote to layout the photos and add the comments describing the different shots, angles and transitions.

For all the shots of Anamika (the protagonist) and her alternate identities, I used the same person so as to keep the focus on the shots and angles, rather than the face. Using just one person also simplified the process and created an interesting visual when all four personalities are seen together in the final shot. I edited that last picture using Adobe Photoshop CS6. For the roles of the mother and Mrs. Chopra (the therapist), however, different people were cast so as to avoid confusion.

Getting to work with my camera in the storyboard stage itself helped me to really get a feel for what filming would be like. I got the opportunity to experiment with different shots and angles and get a clear idea of how I can expect my final product to look. Creating the digital storyboard proved to be an invaluable step in the process of making my short film.

Here is the storyboard –

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