Class Exercise 2: PSA

Today in class, we decided to create a short PSA regarding waste management for our school and promote a football tournament that is going to be held to benefit the cause. My partner and I worked with two other students from my grade to come up with a short, convincing advertisement and shoot it. I shot the talking heads of the two students using a still mid-angle frame, and then shot a few videos of some people playing football to add to the football footage we already had shot before. For all the shooting, the camera used was a Canon 5D.

After that, I edited the video using Final Cut Pro X. I wove together the shots of the football match and the talking heads, added some background music and did a little colour correction. This was a helpful exercise in preparation for my final project because actively shooting with my camera is the best way to familiarize myself with the equipment and get more and more comfortable handling it.

What I can learn from the process of making this video is that recording voices outdoors is something that is tricker than I anticipated. The background noises proved to be quite a challenge, and editing it out was, again, not very easy. I am not satisfied with the quality of the audio in this video and this is something I need to work on in the future.

Here is a link to the video –


Short Film Questionnaire

I asked twenty people in my grade to fill out a questionnaire about short films in order for me to get a better understanding of my audience. The results helped figure out what would be the best way to tell my story and present it to the viewers.

Q1. What would you say is the purpose of a short film? 


From this, I can see that most of the people seem to think that the purpose of a short film is to tell a story. Besides this, a lot of people also believe that short films should convey a message and provide a glimpse into a subject rather than an in-depth portrayal. Therefore, in my movie, even if it is about a mental health, I can see that telling a story is very important because that’s what people want to see and that’s what will compel them to watch my film. Also, by the end of my short film I want to convey a strong, powerful message to the audience and also dissect the very complex idea of dissociative identity disorder and give the viewers an up-close look into the subject.

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