Finding background music

Today, I spent several hours trying to find the right background music for my film. I looked at a variety of different royalty free music sites, but found Incompetech ( to be the best and most convenient site. The way the music was organized made it very easy to browse by genre and theme and find tracks that best suited the atmosphere of my film. The site offers a very wide collection of tracks, all of which are available for free, which is another bonus. I opened all the collections that I felt would be relevant to my theme such as “Dark World”, “Darkness and unease”, “Gloom and sadness”, “mystery”, “tension”, etc. and listened to every single piece of music.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 11_Fotor

Once I did this, I was able to narrow the selection down to a few top choices and I jotted the names down in the Notes app on my iPhone. Along with the name, I also made quick notes about any thoughts I had regarding the music/where I felt it could best be used. Here are the notes:


All the music that I have chosen involves either synths or percussion instruments only. This is because I feel that these instruments best capture the tone of my film. The synths have a haunting, eerie sound while the percussion adds an element of drama and tension.

Now that I have these tracks selected, I will begin editing with them and see which ones actually work and which ones don’t. If I feel the need for any additional music, I will look that up later, but for now I feel comfortable with these choices. I feel they are perfectly fitting and will add a new dimension to my film.


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