Conventions of Postcard Advertisements

Here are the conventional elements that postcard advertisements typically should include:

On the front:

  • The title/logo of the film – The first thing the audience will see is the title, so it is important that the title and logo be catchy, striking and fresh. The design of the logo should reflect the genre/theme of the film in some way and not be too plain or dull. Any creative element in the logo design will help garner the film that much more attention.
  • Image/Art – Film is a visual medium so the poster also must be visual. The cover image will showcase the lead character(s) and give audiences a small insight into what the film will look like. The picture should depict the theme of the film and be striking enough to attract attention from the audience. The goal is for it to be memorable.
  • Tagline – The line has to be short and have a nice ring to it. It should be intriguing and enticing, giving a small taste of the storyline. The tagline could be in the form of a question. This will make audiences think and draw them in even more. It will also create a sense of mystery and suspense.
  • Film festival selections, nominations, wins, etc. – This information serves to impress the audience with credentials. When people see that a film has gained a lot of attention from different festivals they are more likely to see it because it tells them that the film was good enough to get the recognition.
  • Positive reviews – These also serve to impress the audience. People are more likely to see a film when it has a lot of critical acclaim. It creates a sense of reliability and makes people think the film is worth watching.
  • Production credits
    • Crew – writer, director, producer, etc.
    • Production company
  • URL of the film website – This is so that the people can learn more about the film and maybe even purchase it. It is great promotional tool, and free of cost.

On the back:

  • Contact information (email; phone number; address) – Short film makers are not usually major Hollywood directors so it is important that they stay accessible to the public. This is how they get new opportunities and contacts.
  • Film festival screening times – This is important because it is not enough for people to just know about the film, they need to know when/where to watch it. Otherwise, all the other promotion is of no avail.
  • QR code – A great, convenient marketing tool in the digital age. Having a QR is very valuable in today’s day and age.

Just like any film poster, it is important that the film postcard reflect the theme of the film. The colors, fonts, structure and design should instantly tell audiences what the mood/theme of the film is going to be. For example, a dark drama film should not have a bright pink poster with flowers and hearts as that will completely throw audiences off. The colors should actually reflect the color scheme of the film itself.


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